Bar Menu

    House Salads
    A bowl of our house salad: herb leaves, tomatoes, peppers, carrots, onions, celery, cucumber and coleslaw

    Topped with:
    Traditional Smoked Salmon £13.95
    Grilled Fillet of Salmon £13.95
    Strips of Rib Eye Steak £15.95
    Ham £11.95
    Cheeses £10.95
    Fresh Water Prawns £11.95


    Simple Sandwiches
    Soft white or wholemeal bread, leaf salad and a dollop of our coleslaw

    Choose from:
    Roasted Ham and beetroot relish £6.50
    Mature cheddar cheese and vine tomato £5.95
    Tuna, red onion and mayonnaise £5.95
    Cucumber and Cream Cheese £5.95
    Smoked Salmon £7.50
    Prawn Mayonnaise £6.95


    Side orders
    Coleslaw £1.95
    Chips £2.95
    Side Salad £2.95


    Soup of the day £5.50
    Always freshly made, please ask for today’s flavour. Served with a warm roll and butter.



    House Favourites

    Damson Dene Burger £12.95
    Hand made quarter pounder, bacon, blue cheese and onions in a warm crusty Ciabatta roll, served with salad, chips and our crunchy coleslaw.

    Classic Club Sandwich £11.95
    Triple stacked chicken, bacon, lettuce, tomatoes and mayonnaise on toasted white bread, served with chips and our crunchy coleslaw.

    Veggie Club £9.95
    Like the classic club, but replacing the obvious with grilled peppers and courgettes.

    Fish and Chips £11.95
    Beer battered fresh haddock and chunky chips, served with a simple leaf salad, mushy peas and our crunchy coleslaw.

    Cumberland Sausage £11.95
    Award winning Pink’s Cumberland Sausage, served with mashed potatoes and onion gravy.

    Veggie Sausage £10.95
    Crisp vegetable sausages, served with mashed potatoes and onion gravy.

    Mushroom Linguine £11.75
    Mushrooms, sautéed onions and linguine pasta in a white wine cream sauce with parmesan cheese.



    Desserts £5.95

    The Damson Sticky Toffee Pudding
    Our own recipe, with Butterscotch Sauce and Vanilla Ice Cream.

    Fruit CrumbleFruit Crumble and Custard

    Crème Brulée with Home Made Shortbread

    Selection of Ice Cream

    Selection of Artizan British Cheeses £10.95
    With oatcakes, celery, grapes and chutney.



    Hot Beverages
    Pot of Tea per person £2.25
    Fruit and Herb Tea per person £2.25
    Luxury Hot Chocolate with marshmallows and whipped cream £2.50

    Speciality Coffees
    Espresso £2.20
    Americano £2.40
    Café Latte £2.60
    Cappuccino £2.60
    Cafetière of Coffee per person £2.70

    Liqueur Coffees per person £4.80
    Irish (Irish Whisky)
    Scotch (Scotch Whisky)
    Jamaican (Dark Rum)
    Caribbean (Tia Maria)
    Russian (Vodka)
    Or any other spirit or liqueur of your choice.


    We cannot guarantee that our menu items are free from nuts or nut trace elements. Please ask if you require more allergy information or have any special dietary requirements.

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